Native Red Partridges

The ideal climate of the area, the magnificent biotopography of our estates, and our intense management 365 days a year, all help us to provide the ideal habitat for the red partridge so that they can grow and thrive naturally.

We also indirectly help rabbits, hares and other steppe birds breed abundantly, which are very numerous in our estates.

The Wild red-legged partridge is one of the most esteemed and valued birds for elite hunters from all countries, who choose Spain as hunting trip for its world-renowned birds and landscapes, and thus enjoying one of the most beautiful and engaging hunting paradises.

Breeding of wild red-legged partridge has aroused great interest among today’s society and Spanish and European government alike. Steps have been taken and are underway baring research, testing and scientific studies, funded by Spanish and European government, in which Cacerías Campo de Montiel organization actively participates and has been considered and awarded as one of the best organizations with character that exist today for hunting in Spain. The main goal these projects seek is to recover the genetic richness of wild red-legged partridge in Spain, as it is the cornerstone of a unique economy for the people living in disadvantaged rural areas, while many studies show that care and breeding of the red-legged partridge. The great management that is done in our farms, favors the reproduction of the rabbit and the hare, being these food for the Iberian Imperial Eagle and the Iberian lynx and other endangered species. Studies and projects endorse and demonstrate that survival of the Iberian lynx and Iberian Imperial Eagle is more successfull in hunting farms and grounds, as food is more readily available to them than in reserves managed by the Spanish Administration.

Control of predators

Our estates are managed 365 days a year by our rangers, thus providing all the support, maintenance and care that is needed to correctly manage hunting activities, and an effective and necessary control of predators with the applicable administrative authorisations, so that the following season is very well prepared.

The staff of our company, works intensely in the control of predators, enemies as important and vital for the breeding and development of wild partridge, such as foxes, feral cats, wild boar, rodents and hurraca, under the appropriate methods and permits the current law of Castilla la Mancha.

Construction of shelters

Building shelters is a very appropriate choice for the incubation of nests, as well as to protect the small and defenceless partridges from birds of prey and other predators.

Food and water

Our hunting management includes planting organic cereal where needed, as well as providing food and water where it is most scarce, thereby covering all food, water and protection needs.

Road maintenance in our estates

We periodically repair the roads within our hunting estates as these are vital for access to all parts of the land and to properly manage them.