This hunting method involves searching for the partridges until our dogs catch their trail and find the location of the flock.

This can be done alone or in the company of friends, but it is essential to bring dogs along for the search and retrieval of the partridges.

The terrain for this method is pleasant and varied vegetation, where hunting wild partridges with our dogs is a real joy and where you can also hunt hares, rabbits, thrushes and pigeons. Hunting wild partridges on our estates is not easy, since we have to apply a great deal of technique and strategy, studying the weather conditions on that day to be able to surprise them. And once they are down on the ground, some of them have the strength to get away quickly despite their wounds, making it difficult to get them back, even with expert dogs.

The ground is soft and comfortable to walk on, sporting a mix of bushland and other vegetation, particular to this hunt method.

Unforgettable hunting days of red partridges, rabbits and hares, custom-organized group hunts. Enjoy the satisfaction and physical challenge together with your dog.

Extreme rabbit and hare abundance allows us to offer our hunts several times a year, as the Ministry of Environment grants special permits in order to prevent serious damage to agriculture.


This traditional method is exclusive to Castilla La Mancha, in which one can hunt partridges in groups of 8 to 15 people.

We recommend this method for those days in which the red partridge makes itself very difficult to catch. This allows us to pursue and surround the birds with 2 lines of fire, the 1st consisting of 60% of the hunters in the group walking, and the 2nd has the remaining 40% strategically placed in fixed positions so that the whole group has abundant opportunities to safely shoot.