The farms managed by the Tebar family are very select with a strict criteria, since the farm has to have a unique biotopography of uncultivated land, cereal, olives, vines, hills, and flat and undulating terrain. The successful growth, adaptation and later hunting of the red partridge will depend on this blend of varied habitats.

Ciudad Real (La Mancha)

Hunting area 25.000 hectares, Campo de Montiel. The hunting season starts on 8 October and finishes on 8 February.

The biotope is magnificent, reddish earth with varied cereal, olive, vines, broom and Mediterranean bush, crossed by abundant springs and inexhaustible streams, even in summer, providing the perfect protective coverage and food necessary for the breeding and reproduction of all steppe birds of interest, and for us the partridge in particular.

As a result of this intensive management and conditioning of the habitat, red legg partrige, rabbits and hares have peaceful lives, food and shelter, reproducing quite easily.

Our hunting estates and grounds are located in the best places in “The heart of Castilla La Mancha”, known by its vast plains and apparent contradiction, and where our hunts driven partridges shoots in Spain take place, offering a high variety of landscapes and rugged sceneries such as scrublands, high mountains, wastelands or ecologic farms where cereal and legumes are grown to feed the partridges.

By not harvesting the cereal crop production, the proper development and breeding of the red-legged partridge is
guaranteed, as food and shelter is provided until they are adults.


Hunting area 2.000 hectares. Hunting season is from 15 September to the 15 of March.

The farm is located 30 kilometres from the centre of the city of Madrid, and comprises 2,000 Hectares of cereal crops, almond trees, olives, feather grass, hilly terrain and Mediterranean scrublands in perfect combination, all within the same boundaries.