“Castilla La Mancha, land of wine, Don Quixote and of course, hunting”


Family tradition

Cacerías Campo de Montiel S.L, is a company managed by the Tebar family, consisting of authentic hunters and lovers of conservation, the countryside and hunting.

They have extensive experience acquired through three generations dating back to 1971, managing hunting estates and sharing this great experience and wisdom passed down from parents to children in the land of La Mancha.

Our aim is to bring the hunter to the field so that he/she can get to know the natural environment, in its pure and wild state, passing on positive experiences and knowledge so that these values are never lost and we can continue to conserve the natural environment.Castilla la Mancha has always been our favourite, since here we have the best hunting areas in Spain, where important people from home and abroad have come to practice traditional driven red partridge shooting. in these lands that are so rich in wild hunting and with an extraordinary biotope.

We use a traditional hunting management model in our estates, with outstanding quality and excellence, and the bravery, strength and power of flight that our emblematic red partridge symbolises. The Tebar family’s success stands out from other hunting organisations in Spain due to the values we hold and the respect we have for traditional hunting.

With such a solid ground and always respectful for the laws and regulations regarding the management of the cynegetic environment, it’s main focus is bringing the hunter as closer to the land and hunting grounds as possible, building up unforgettable memories of the enjoyment and delight of the native red-legged partridge huntings offered by Campo de Montiel Hunts.Located in Ciudad Real province, the area and it’s hunting grounds, known as “The heart of La Mancha” (“El corazón de La Mancha”), havea a deep and significant history and traditions, specially Campo de Montiel, where the adventures of “Don Quixote” took place.The hunts take place in a variety of fields and impressively distinct landscapes that make Campo de Montiel such a great hunting fields, where world-renowned figures haved dueled.

The battue hunts organized by Campo de Montiel Hunts always emphasize the traditions and quality of the game, being the native red-legged brave, strong, high-flying partridges.

The success of the Tebar family organization stands in contrast to other lower-leveled hunting organizations in Spain, because in our farms or hunting grounds there are “NO” artificial.

And, most importantly, Campo de Montiel Hunts makes a stand in “NOT” offering caged game huntings, unlike other organizations that offer cheaper but ridiculous hunts, disregarding quality and tradition in order to increase their revenue or minimize effort or costs.

At Cacerías Campo de Montiel, you will be welcomed by José María, Ángel, Juan José and Rubén. All members of the Tebar family will look after you with the most pleasant and friendly personal and professional service, to make your stay at Fincas Campo de Montiel unforgettable.

José María Tebar
Juan José Tebar
Rubén Tebar